Kielbasa with Brussel Sprouts

  Reciepe idea with "Nowicki's Fresh Polish Sausage" or
 " Nowicki's Polish Brats" may be substituted

 Serves ~ 2

 *1 Pound fresh uncooked kielbasa
 *Several fresh Brussel Sprouts
 *1 Teaspoon olive oil
* Perheat oven 350'
 *Unstuff sausage from casing place crumbled sausage evenly
    across bottom in cast iron or other baking dish.
 *Pour oil across sausage.
 *Arrange Brussel Sprouts on top sausage.
 *Cover well with foil, bake for 35 - 45 minutes till Sprouts are 
    tender, serve with Garlic Toast

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